Modern Day-ting

Men this topic probably isn't for you, unless you are this type of guy then pay attention. I hate to make it sound like a feminist soap box, so I'm going to try my best to not make it come off that way.

Decisions, Decisions.

Let's talk bout life choices, there has been a lot & I mean A LOT, going on in my life that has really kept me from my writing. The last few days I have just had a lot on my mind & need to, once again, get it out there before I explode. 

What A Day.

Valentine's Day, Single's Awareness Day, Wednesday. We get it, the boxed chocolates, the flowers, the cliche card, which guilty as charged, I DO love you s'more. Okay, sorry for that.

Hope Floats.

Has your life ever come at a fork in the road? Where you have to basically sink or swim, because you're just barely treading water these days?

Let’s Avocuddle

So let's talk, there are people in the world that DON'T like avocados or guacamole. EVERYONE REMAIN CALM!! JUST BREATHE WE WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!!

Dog Days.

Oh to be a dog, could you imagine? Like seriously just think about it, your only worry in life would be, "where do I want to nap today?"

Scatter Brained.

Today I am topic-less, so I think I'm just going to write. Why not right? This post is probably going to be a lot like what having a conversation with me is like. Bless this mess, am I right?

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