The Golden Girl Friends

Okay y'all, let's talk friend. Let's talk about the importance of friends. The good. The bad. The ugly. Like shout out to the people who have done me wrong, you've taught me so much!

Wine Not

Why are we such headstrong women after 2 glasses of wine?! Why can't we just throw caution to the wind & do nice things or have crazy aspirations all the time!

Modern Day-ting

Men this topic probably isn't for you, unless you are this type of guy then pay attention. I hate to make it sound like a feminist soap box, so I'm going to try my best to not make it come off that way.

Decisions, Decisions.

Let's talk bout life choices, there has been a lot & I mean A LOT, going on in my life that has really kept me from my writing. The last few days I have just had a lot on my mind & need to, once again, get it out there before I explode. 

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