Modern Day-ting

Men this topic probably isn’t for you, unless you are this type of guy then pay attention. I hate to make it sound like a feminist soap box, so I’m going to try my best to not make it come off that way.

Ladies, have you ever met a guy that just can’t take a hint? (yes, yes you have). Have you ever made an emergency escape plan to end a date quickly? Have you ever shared your location with someone, made sure you told someone (or multiple people) where you were going, or who you were with? I absolutely have.

This is the world of  “dating” nowadays. Hoping for the best & praying they’re not a total psychopath. Not to say that women aren’t awful in their own way. There are girls that are only in it for a free meal, women who expect too much, women who become to attached. It goes on & on, the difference is fellas, we own our crazy. — Not to glorify girls who think being psycho is cute, newsflash sis it isn’t, stop it.

Dating is terrifying, I am in a place that I am okay with working on myself, being selfish with my own time, but at the same time, I am not getting any younger (haha….ha..I’m fine). Honestly, I’m okay, I’m content right now. I’m doing my own thing & I like it.

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