Let’s Avocuddle

So let’s talk, there are people in the world that DON’T like avocados or guacamole. EVERYONE REMAIN CALM!! JUST BREATHE WE WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS TOGETHER!!

Now that we’ve taken a minute to collect ourselves, I am sitting here at school today & you know what my lunch is, a nice big bowl of some spicy guacamole I made for Taco Tuesday last night. I have come to realize we live in a world where we are all entitled to our own opinions. That’s fine, but will all the avo haters, please stand up & please explain to me, who hurt you? Are you okay?

I put avocado on everything, wow, I am like SUCH a millennial. So trendy, this whole post is so edgy. I am such a sad human, I am taking my time to literally write a post about avocados. Yes, it’s fine I’m done with myself too. Sometimes you have something on your brain & you’re just not okay until you put it all out there.

So to my avo loving brothers & sisters, let’s hang out sometime & get 4 orders & a pitcher of margs & discuss things in life that no one cares about, because we’ll probably be best friends.


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