Dog Days.

Oh to be a dog, could you imagine? Like seriously just think about it, your only worry in life would be, “where do I want to nap today?”

Dogs are great let’s face it, big ones, small ones, scraggly ones, purebred. Also all dogs are puppies, I don’t care if their gray in the face & super old. Still a puppy. They’re so simple, they just want to bring you joy & make you happy & cuddle. All the time. (wow I totally relate to that)

Being a mother I used to be totally annoyed by people that compared their pets to actual human babies, but like, I get it. Animals are family, they’re our children too. Four legged children are great because they don’t argue with you, demand to watch Polar Express 72 times a day or pretend to be a cat & hiss at you because they don’t want their socks on.

This post isn’t deep or have any life meaning today, just mostly wanted to talk about how much I like dogs. (Sorry cat people)

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