Scatter Brained.

Today I am topic-less, so I think I’m just going to write. Why not right? This post is probably going to be a lot like what having a conversation with me is like. Bless this mess, am I right?

First of all Kylie Jenner had her baby, sorry to the people that don’t care, but I do. I shamelessly love the Kardashian/Jenner tribe. Kylie was SO CUTE during her pregnancy. Also can we talk about the fact that Kim named her baby Chicago? (do your thing queen) Anyway, enough of that before people decide to hate me & never read again.

I’m going to see one of my favorite bands play at Rocket Town in March & I am so excited for it! People who don’t like or enjoy the emo scene cannot relate, but Our Last Night is GREAT! Check them out. The last concert I went to was Panic! At The Disco in Austin & that was forever ago. I’m going to the last Warped Tour, also, my best friend wants to go see Bruno Mars this summer & I am overly excited about that too.  2018 is the year of music y’all.

Also if you didn’t know there’s a restaurant in Marshall County called Patti’s & there was a devastating fire there this morning. Please continue to pray for the shooting victims, their families & the people who will be out of a job for a while from this fire. I hate to see so much pain & suffering in 2018. I know the Lord has better things in store for the future, but at the moment it’s very testing to remain optimistic.

So this is just a fraction fo what’s going on in my brain today, enjoy! IMG_8138_Facetune_14.10.2017-18:45:40

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