Amazon Addict

Hi, my name is Hailey & I’m addicted to Amazon. Okay, we all know that Amazon is the greatest thing to happen to the world, but Amazon Prime might be my soulmate, seriously.

My weakness, when I can’t sleep, is to mindlessly scroll for hours on Amazon. I have about 12 wishlists & they all have so many things on them. Currently I have my cart full with an outfit that I want to wear for St. Patricks Day.  HELLO 2 DAY SHIPPING?! BUY ALL THE THINGS!! My biggest purchases are usually clothes & beauty related items.

It’s not even just Amazon, it’s online shopping in general that I love. I can order Jameson anything that I want him to have & make his day for $10! That is such an awesome feeling. I am a subscriber to subscription boxes, Sephora Play is the bomb (in case you didn’t know). I love supporting small online businesses, everything is so easily accessible online!

So feel no shame my friends! Life is too short to not buy all the things, as long as you’re not living outside of your means because that’s when the problem really begins!

(no cute themed picture today so here’s a cute filter selfie instead.)

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