Sweet Sounds.

Music. It’s everywhere, we love it, we hate it, we secretly like it (hey, T. Swift). Music makes such a difference in our lives & how some people don’t listen to music 24/7 is beyond me.

Concert tickets cost an arm & a leg sometimes, like Shawn Mendez, I’m just trying to love you from afar! Why are your tickets $200 a piece?! So rude. I like everyone else I’m sure have people that are must see on their list of concerts.

The last concert I saw was Panic! At The Disco & I literally cried the whole time because I was so happy. Hi, have you read my other posts? I’m over emotional. With that being said, do you ever get pint or gallon (no judgement sis) of ice cream & listen to sad music to make yourself even more sad? Because same. I will shamelessly admit that I’m still stuck in 2006 with my love for emo music.

As humans we are emotionally driven & music only emphasizes it. Come summertime I’m that girl blasting my rap music & wonder why I don’t have a record deal yet. Look at that Jake Paul kid, he’s a dumpster fire & he’s making money from auto tune. Remember that scene from Easy A when Emma Stone is jamming to Pocketful of Sunshine, that is literally me.

Follow your feelings & feel the music (wow I sound like a rave girl). Good day or bad throw on your Ed Sheeran & conquer the world!

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