Trash Bag Theory.

Have you ever caught yourself doing something not so “cute” or less than responsible & threw your hands in the air & said YOLO (sorry 2012). Whether it was past present or future we have all done things we regret. I call this The Trash Bag Theory.

Remember the good old days, or for some people even currently (me not so much)? Letting your laundry pile up, going that one extra day & not vacuuming. Going out & walking home with your shoes in hand, ordering one too many drinks at the bar. These are the moments when you really question yourself or even your existence. I recently realized I can go almost a whole month without NEEDING to do laundry. This is a me problem & I quite possibly admitted that I have a shopping problem (guilty, I love amazon).

We have all made decisions we probably won’t admit out loud, but lucky for you (unlucky for me) they’re not on the internet! I am the girl that you go out with & I get LOUD & I want EVERYONE to be my friend. I come home & I say, “I have had my fun for the month.” Around the house I’ll watch the dreaded “chair” (we all know the chair) pile up. I buy copious amounts of skin care products & refuse to throw the empty containers away, God forbid I don’t use that last teeny tiny ounce of goop!

So here’s to you ladies & gents who are still fun but make some questionable decisions sometimes, you & I are kindred spirits. Now that you know you’re not alone, get up & dominate that laundry you’ve been avoiding! YOU CAN DO IT!


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