Stuck In Colder Weather.

I’ve been dreaming of warmer weather this week. I am over the cold & the snow for a week was okay. Where is spring? Hello, magical groundhog who controls the weather, can you make it warm now?

To follow that up, I will say my body is not ready, honestly I probably can wait to wear shorts. It’s so easy to slip into the comfortability that is food during this time of year. I am a very active person in the spring/summer. I ride my bike & run.

I am so millennial, I have a million fitness apps that are basically a daily reminder of how much I don’t wanna work out. It’s great. Nothing like Instagram & my apps giving me a hard time. I get it, GET UP…….but just one (ten) more episodes of Friends.

Oh, the bittersweet time of the year that is spring & summer. How I long for your warmth & dread your high wasted shorts, but I cannot wait to be tan again!

One thought on “Stuck In Colder Weather.

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  1. It’s warmed up a little, you’re probably loving it. I see snow in the forecast, but soon enough it will be spring again, which means we will have to run from wasps. Thinking about you


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