Lost In Translation.

We’ve heard it all before, at least a 1,000 times, communication is key, but with communication comes listening. Hailey checked in at “lost in translation…..& never left.” 12 years ago.

My biggest pet peeve in life is literally repeating myself. Like if you didn’t hear me the first 3 times, I cannot be bothered to repeat myself. Please understand that I am, possibly,  mentally throat punching you. With that being said, my communication skills are awful. Outside of superficial conversations feeling comfortable enough to really talk about myself is a nightmare. (This is why I started my blogging journey)

I have a hard time talking about how I’m feeling in the moment, if I get it out in the world once & someone didn’t hear me I don’t want to repeat myself, because who wants to be vulnerable? (humor is the BEST cover up). I’m not sure how many of you read your horoscope, but that’s a WHOLE other post because I can ramble for hours! I am very much my signs (yes, signs, you have more than one). I shut down, I act irrationally, but I am so good hearted & mean very well. ANYWAY back to the point…

I hate communicating which then in turn makes it impossible for people to get close to me, or want to for that matter. I react out of emotion, hastily, rather than making a good judgement call. This is me officially saying I WILL (try) to open up & think through how I feel. So to those in my life that I am basically a brick wall to, this one is for you. I AM TRYING! LOOK MA, MY EMOTIONS ARE ON THE INTERNET!


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