Scheduling Your Crazy.

My intentions with this blog was to let people in, to express myself, to show people a different side of me. To put myself completely out there instead of filling up more journals with writings I’ll never look back at.  So there’s really no going back now right? I mean, I guess I could, but sitting here with a coffee & “blogging” just feels so millennial.

Yesterday, I thought about my post after it was out, why DO I stress myself out about things that really don’t matter? There’s not enough going on in my life obviously! (lol jk) Then someone told me you have to find a time to “schedule your crazy”, & I just thought that was genius. Freak out a little bit here & there.

Instead of consuming yourself in something at the moment, because who has the time to fit an anxiety attack in just so conveniently during the middle of their day? Like okay, at 2:45 I’ll over think about something I did 4 years ago. Ya know, remember that really sad video you saw on Facebook? You should be sad about it again at 5:00. Then your whole night is basically freed up to read your horoscope & wonder how people my age are buying houses.

Scheduling your crazy isn’t realistic obviously, but imagine if you could. It sounds like a great idea! I also want to add, I will be adding public selfie taking into my “crazy” at some point today. Nothing better than having strangers completely judge you for taking 27 selfies. tryingtobecandid

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