Living Aesthetically.

Have you ever found yourself mindlessly scrolling through an instagram feed & admire how aesthetically pleasing it is, because same (all the time honestly). How many pictures did they have to take to get the perfect ONE? How much do they spend on food? Also, where is everyone buying these cute white furry throws & rugs? (seriously, let me know).

Living life aesthetically sounds great in theory, we all strive to look like our lives are perfect & honestly some people are just that fun. What I also find myself wondering is what is that person really like? It can’t all be unicorn bagels & perfect lattes everyday. Wondering about a person, as a person & their life does actually have a technical term, sonder. Realizing, that everyone is going through their own life as vividly as your own.

It could go hand in hand with my anxiety, but there are times that I think about it so much that it stresses me out. (why am I like this?) Can I not let myself enjoy anything? It’s really prominent as I sit here in the student center on campus & write this post. I overheard some girl just got a new job, people around me discussing things going on in their life, I can’t help but realize, WE’RE ALL PEOPLE! (groundbreaking right? Where’s my Nobel Prize. I’m so deep)

So as much as I would love to “live aesthetically” it’s not life, I would rather seem all over the place than picture perfect. It’s much more real that way. So I will post my selfies, my obnoxious pictures of my child people are tired of seeing & live my life as unaesthetic as possible! drygroundsblog

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