The Hardest Decision Is Making A Decision.

Good ole indecisiveness, a state of being I am all too familiar with. Literally the hardest thing about making a decision is making an actual decision. I jokingly say, “if you don’t make a decision we will sit in the car for 72 days & starve.” (seriously though)

I envy girls who can walk into Sephora & get exactly what they need, am I absolutely ever sure I don’t need eyeshadow palette number 32? The answer is, I’m not sure, let me stress out about it for 2 hours & I’ll get back to you.

The greatest thing about being an indecisive parent is that now I have a tiny human that I can run everything by first. Nine times out of ten, my 3 year old makes my decisions for me, I have no shame. More than half the time he doesn’t really care, he just wants to watch The Polar Express (he still watches it everyday).

I can say I want to be more decisive, anyone who knows me that’s not going to happen. For now I’ll shoot for asking Jameson what we want to eat maybe 2 times a week (wow, go you mom) & just saying exactly what I want.


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