Like An Awkward First Date.

So I have learned that writing a blog is an awful lot like going on a first date, except minus the uncomfortable Tinder swipes & twice as much judgement. Talking about myself has never been my strong suit, in any form & starting a blog is me really throwing myself out there! With that being said, thanks for stopping by & enjoy the ride!

Hi, My name is Hailey, I am 26, have a 3 year old son & have the diet of a serving size of a family of 4. My hobbies include quoting old forgotten Vines & saying things like, “oh my gosh, I would be so much cuter as a woodland creature, snapchat is so fun!” Like any other 26 year old, single mom, trying to stay relevant, my days are powered by iced coffee (yes, iced all year round) & children’s cartoon theme songs that play on repeat in my head.

The reason I am diving in head first into the world of blogging is simply because I write as a stress reliever & have done so for several years now. Part of my 2018 goals was to throw myself out of my comfort zone, from that came Land Of Oswald. If you don’t “get it”, it’s a play on words like Land Of Oz (so creative, right?) I’m sure I could go on forever, but I won’t, because I don’t want to bore you to death.

If you choose to stick around, thank you for joining me in working on my 2018 goals! There’s much more to come & I can’t wait to show the world.

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