Friendly Former Barista

As you may or may not know, I was a barista for 3 & 1/2 years, at none other than your friendly neighborhood Starbucks. Where you can pay for overpriced coffee with a smile/attitude depending on the day. So you paid $10 for your "favorite Frappuccino" which I hate to break it to you, doesn't... Continue Reading →


Alright y'all the moment I've been waiting to tell you about. I live in a town called Paducah right here in Kentucky! My town loves, lives & thrives on all things local. I love the camaraderie that this town believes in! Most people in this town local, from Midtown Market to the fun boutiques we... Continue Reading →

2019 Hangover.

So you got a New Years kiss, or you didn't, that's what black eyed peas & sauerkraut is for. Let's not use the word resolution, it's so intimidating not to mention y'all crowd the gym. (Hello are you done texting? I need this machine.) yes I'm an a--hole, thank you, next! I use the word... Continue Reading →

The Golden Girl Friends

Okay y'all, let's talk friend. Let's talk about the importance of friends. The good. The bad. The ugly. Like shout out to the people who have done me wrong, you've taught me so much!

Wine Not

Why are we such headstrong women after 2 glasses of wine?! Why can't we just throw caution to the wind & do nice things or have crazy aspirations all the time!

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